Top Custom Writing Services – Should You Use Them?

Have you ever used a professional custom writing service? I sure didn’t. It’s because I used to think that you don’t need an expert to write an essay. And that’s how I got the surprise of my life…

  • Here is how I made my mistake:


I didn’t meditate on the possible risk

A couple of years ago, I was a student just like you. And like you, I discovered this magical thing on the Internet called online writing services. So I decided to go with a custom writing company for an essay that I needed.

Back then, there weren’t many online writing services because whenever I used to search for top custom writing services, the same three to five decent websites appeared on my browser. It was the beginning of a new era for students like me who needed some help with their essays.

The problem was, and still is to this day, that I didn’t have any guarantee that I would receive a decent essay. But seeing the fair prices, I said to myself that if I can write a decent paper, so can the service. In fact, I thought that it would be even better.

After two weeks of waiting, I received my paper. It was nicely done, didn’t require too much rework (you do need to edit the paper to look as if was written by you), so I was ready to present it. I did a quick read to be assured that the essay was correct and it was above decent, in other words, enough for a decent grade.

At the examination day, I was next to present my essay to a group of professors. Still, after two minutes of reading the piece, the examiners started to scribble on my work. There were lots of spelling mistakes that I didn’t pay attention to and, apparently, I was accused of plagiarism.

The good news is that they knew that the essay presented wasn’t my work, so they let the whole plagiarism thing slide. The bad news is that I failed that exam and as a result, I had to pay for a re-examination which cost me a lot. I was disappointed and furious at the same time. I was furious with myself because I didn’t read any reviews or asked a colleague about this kind of writing service.


The Moral of the Story

Don’t rush to use a writing service if you don’t know anything about that service. You can search for a site called Top Writing Reviews. Here, you can judge by the customer’s feedback if the writing service you want to collaborate with is worth your time and money.

Reviews and ratings can guide you towards a writing service that offers quality even at an affordable price. Stay away from sites that no one knows about or that don’t have any public feedback.

After reading a couple of reviews, I found one site with which I collaborated for a good couple of months. Every essay was top-notch; they offered every type of writing service I needed on almost any kind of topic.

With this kind of company, you will get your money’s worth, and some of these services can re-write your essay if you are not happy with the results. Depending on the circumstances, they can do it free of charge.



So, before you start throwing your money on a random writing service that you have no idea how it works, do a quick check on that company. Use a search engine and type “best custom writing service reviews” and do a little bit of research before discussing your essay with a writing service.