Articles for July 2018

Want to order something from Read my review first!

In our research, we saw that the company accepts orders from English-speaking countries. Moreover, claims to offer proofreading and editing services and writing services for thesis, dissertations, essays and academic papers.

Various Offers

The company has some of the lowest prices on the market, but it still provides different kinds of discounts for every paper. The Instant Assignment Help promo code is 2 % and comes with seasonal discounts. The company also has different coupon codes throughout the year. When a client downloads their app, he/she automatically qualifies for a five percent discount. also says it has the best writers who deliver quality products. There are various samples on the website, but we wanted to get a first-hand experience with their services.

To write a genuine review, we ordered an eight-page research paper. As new clients, the company charged us only $102.15, but its quality was way below our expectations.

Talking about the paper we had ordered, it was the most unprofessional piece of writing we’ve received and it was too poor even for an ESL writer.

Poor Samples

Moving further, we realized that even the samples on their site were poorly written. They had many grammatical errors with poor sentence structures. So, if they cannot solve this simple issue and correct some fundamental grammatical errors, how could they offer a quality paper that stands out?

So, until now, we have seen that this company cannot be compared with other top writing services out there. We can only say that Instant Assignment Help offers shallow services on which customers cannot rely.


Poor Customer Service

The customer reviews depict that many students have complained about the grammatical errors and other writing issues. As much as we understand that the company is only six months old, we believe it should be able to provide quality services to its clients.

Moreover, the company has one of the worst customer care and support services for a writing company. First, the department is non-operational during weekends. They rely on a phone number where clients can contact them.

We made a call, only to receive feedback through a voicemail, which asked us to leave a message. After several attempts of trying to reach the company, an agent finally answered our call. It was shocking to see that the agent never had any answers to the questions we asked. Therefore, we find it hard to trust this company with any assignments.


Our Recommendations

With such low writing standards and poorly written papers, we chose to give this company the same rating as most professionals review websites – “Poor”. A good paper should be free from grammatical errors and should have great sentence structures. Also, top-of-the-line writing companies should feature writers that are native English speakers.

We can only wonder: if they are not able to write an error-free paper, what about other crucial aspects such as creativity?

We conclude by saying that with this site, one is sure of getting the lowest grades and the worst services. We highly advise any student willing to hire to be extremely careful when requesting writing services from them.