Want to order something from InstantAssignmentHelp.com.au Read my review first!

In our research, we saw that the company accepts orders from English-speaking countries. Moreover, InstantAssignmentHelp.com claims to offer proofreading and editing services and writing services for thesis, dissertations, essays and academic papers.

Various Offers

The company has some of the lowest prices on the market, but it still provides different kinds of discounts for every paper. The Instant Assignment Help promo code is 2 % and comes with seasonal discounts. The company also has different coupon codes throughout the year. When a client downloads their app, he/she automatically qualifies for a five percent discount.

InstantAssignmentHelp.com also says it has the best writers who deliver quality products. There are various samples on the website, but we wanted to get a first-hand experience with their services.

To write a genuine review, we ordered an eight-page research paper. As new clients, the company charged us only $102.15, but its quality was way below our expectations.

Talking about the paper we had ordered, it was the most unprofessional piece of writing we’ve received and it was too poor even for an ESL writer.

Poor Samples

Moving further, we realized that even the samples on their site were poorly written. They had many grammatical errors with poor sentence structures. So, if they cannot solve this simple issue and correct some fundamental grammatical errors, how could they offer a quality paper that stands out?

So, until now, we have seen that this company cannot be compared with other top writing services out there. We can only say that Instant Assignment Help offers shallow services on which customers cannot rely.


Poor Customer Service

The customer reviews depict that many students have complained about the grammatical errors and other writing issues. As much as we understand that the company is only six months old, we believe it should be able to provide quality services to its clients.

Moreover, the company has one of the worst customer care and support services for a writing company. First, the department is non-operational during weekends. They rely on a phone number where clients can contact them.

We made a call, only to receive feedback through a voicemail, which asked us to leave a message. After several attempts of trying to reach the company, an agent finally answered our call. It was shocking to see that the agent never had any answers to the questions we asked. Therefore, we find it hard to trust this company with any assignments.


Our Recommendations

With such low writing standards and poorly written papers, we chose to give this company the same rating as most professionals review websites – “Poor”. A good paper should be free from grammatical errors and should have great sentence structures. Also, top-of-the-line writing companies should feature writers that are native English speakers.

We can only wonder: if they are not able to write an error-free paper, what about other crucial aspects such as creativity?

We conclude by saying that with this site, one is sure of getting the lowest grades and the worst services. We highly advise any student willing to hire InstantAssignmentHelp.com to be extremely careful when requesting writing services from them.

Be Very Careful With These 5 Essay Companies

Even though it could be wonderful to only direct attention to the positive factors of the good article writing services we noticed, that merely isn’t possible. We wouldn’t be performing our jobs if we didn’t invest time to demonstrate penning websites that are unreliable, expensive, or provide poor standard reports. We definitely would be remiss if we didn’t inform college students when it comes to college penning companies that are liable for fraud or scam.

We believe that one fundamental role that we perform is determining the most severe composing organizations so that our visitors are familiar with who to watch out for these sort of products and services. We examine customer feedback, go through testimonials, and analysis organizations detailed. We go over and above comparing and contrasting discount rates and coupons. We wish to make certain that you stay away from very poor score companies that can trick you, or more frustrating give rise to an accusation of educational lying. Following is our review article of each one of these 5 most terrible article writing websites.

  1. Kibin.com

Almost every single high quality writing organization would certainly promise to be located in an English speaking state. In so many cases that merely isn’t accurate. Alternatively, organizations will use a mailbox or purely falsify an street address. In that case, they’ll tell college students that their writers are virtually all native English speakers with university levels.


  1. WritingElites

This is undeniably a content material organization to be cautious of. An array of college students have classified they were convicted in plagiarism just after ordering articles from WritingElites. Other people reported of acquiring essays that were so negatively penned that they couldn’t present them in college. Even though the firm gives relatively cheap price tags and even gives new clients with a coupon code, they are plainly one to stay away from.

  1. EssayShark

In such a case, the freelance writing was good although not beautiful. User support wasn’t bad either. The trouble here was straightforward. The price tags were too big. Not only a bit large, the biggest we have noticed. Furthermore, there were no offers of a promo code or several other sales. Even worse, there was nothing specifically outstanding that might make these pricing even near to being good.

This is the tactic that this material service makes use of. The fact is that, whenever college students set an order here, they don’t get the quality of tasks they count on. In its place, they get a negatively penned article from an author who is neither degreed nor a native English speaker.

  1. MyPaperWriter

The service in this post basically rates very poor in all points. College students rated writing grade as mediocre at best, and frequently totally improper. Articles are repeatedly brought late. Customer feedback aid is not professional and unhelpful. Generally, this is just one to move on.

  1. Bid4Papers

The great information here is that we can’t consider lots of college students putting an order with this organization. Almost everything is simply mistaken from beginning to ending. First, the copywriting on the internet site is almost difficult to understand. Clicking the url to put an order takes you to yet another copywriting website web site on the whole. What’s even better, the webpages download steadily and the internet site isn’t smartphone friendly. This one purely lifts all styles of warning signs.


If you stumbled upon these companies, we strongly suggest avoid! Take into account, to usually analysis article writing organizations before you pay out your hard-earned cash.

Cheap and Good: 3 Writing Companies worth Your Attention

Customer reviews generally concentrate on article writing grade, price ranges, and discounts, in regards to school freelance writing offerings. This really makes sense as college students evidently choose to confirm that they would certainly get essays that will have higher levels. What plenty of don’t acknowledge is that there is a proper link in between a good quality website practical experience, and fantastic reports and user support.

The companies that acquire the greatest opinions usually have web pages that express wonderful focus to detail. These sites are not difficult to navigate, and are complete with fascinating and beneficial material. We’ve likewise found that internet pages that are a fraud or scam are usually negatively made.

A great webpage will be not hard to get through, you have to be capable of place your arrange and make payment with no panic, and uncover all the information you desire. A sensible website designer will incorporate to the experience by supplying fantastic documents and blog written content.

Take more time to analyze these 3 organizations. We think that each one of them deserves your attention.


  1. DarwinEssay

The most effective methods to recognize the standard of an organization is to simply determine how quick one may get things completed. This is how DarwinEssay shines. With respect to students combined with our personal review article, it is rather easy to swiftly put an order, submit an issue to customer service, and notice information on the latest coupon code or exclusive deliver. This is a really good, swiftly launching and not difficult to browse through website for students who actually need to get things done.


  1. IwriteEssays

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. This educational content and articles website has shown that in spades. This freelance writing firm has done capable use of videos, infographics, and pictures to display useful data to students. The outcome is both pleasantly desirable and useful.


  1. TrustMyPaper

Now more than ever people are finding web sites making use of smartphones rather than computers. Students are an enormous part of this group. While nearly all college penning firms are phone friendly, this one goes far beyond. It appears plainly developed with cell clients in thoughts offering an easy, high-performing practical experience. College students who want interacting with businesses via phone must take a look here.



All 3 material services mentioned here did a great job at designing web pages that give nice buyer experience. DarwinEssay.net has produced a welcoming location with important blog articles and other sorts of information. Then there’s IwriteEssays.com. They have optimized the use of image parts to develop an internet site that is pleasant to engage with in addition to featuring good copywriting options. Ultimately, TrustMyPaper.com has done an awesome job at setting up an internet page that is phone friendly and intuitive.

FreshEssays – good and bad of this company in today’s review

This custom article writing service has been around for a plenty of years. That’s why we decided it was about time to conduct a complete review of FreshEssays, before composing this fair analysis.

Throughout our investigation, we paid close attention to the features delivered, rates method, discount rates, and the customer reviews we have obtained. And, most significantly, we purchased a research report from FreshEssays to watch how the purchasing procedure performs and to identify the standard of the writing.

Number of features

You can pick the next variety of services:

  • Professional guidance in completing the usual variety of tasks for high school university students;
  • Personal declaration essays for graduate school
    applications, scholarship, and admission essays;
  • Editing and proofreading options;
  • Dissertation and thesis consultation, aid, study and copywriting;

Concurrently, FreshEssays highlights that it has 24/7 consumer care help via phone or via the live chat feature. It is intended that we needed to examine regardless of whether that was in fact correct or not. Therefore, we inform you that we communicated for many times, at different hours.

But, the assistants were foreign people, for their accents, and we did find it difficult to understand them thoroughly. Besides that, we weren’t given any clear answers to our questions. We were simply told to clarify our queries to the writer in command of the paper. We identified this system pretty unprofessional.

Prices: do they reflect the quality of services?

While researching the web page, we established that the price levels aren’t obviously presented. Nevertheless, future customers may possibly attain a rates quote.

There is a variety of price reductions varying in between 5 and 20 %, according to the length and price level of the product. We didn’t see any promo code for fresh buyers, nor did we notice any coupons program.

Just like any other custom composing firm, you can pay money for your request through all common cards or PayPal. We affirm that the payment functions risk-free since it is made by way of a certified 3rd party SSL program. For this reason we didn’t feel hesitant to speaking our private information to progress with the payment.


Are the writers competent and experienced?

Our objective is to show the quality of writing, which is imminently associated with the experience of the writer. Subsequently, to assess these aspects, we meticulously looked at the freelance writing samples on the webpage, the reports, feedback and evaluations, and naturally, our own knowledge of FreshEssays.

The website content materials combined with the weblog posts are terribly created. You wouldn’t believe that the company is aiming to promote a professional writing organization.

Customer feedbacks on the internet discuss the weak grade, and we noticed the equal issue in the research paper we ordered. Without being nervous about contradiction, had we submitted that document to a tutor, the mark wouldn’t have been a high one.



Soon after taking into account all the aspects mentioned previously, we advise you that our score of FreshEssays.com is inadequate. We couldn’t do otherwise considering that the grade of the documents and the internet page content and articles are unfavorable and dissatisfactory.

Top Custom Writing Services – Should You Use Them?

Have you ever used a professional custom writing service? I sure didn’t. It’s because I used to think that you don’t need an expert to write an essay. And that’s how I got the surprise of my life…

  • Here is how I made my mistake:


I didn’t meditate on the possible risk

A couple of years ago, I was a student just like you. And like you, I discovered this magical thing on the Internet called online writing services. So I decided to go with a custom writing company for an essay that I needed.

Back then, there weren’t many online writing services because whenever I used to search for top custom writing services, the same three to five decent websites appeared on my browser. It was the beginning of a new era for students like me who needed some help with their essays.

The problem was, and still is to this day, that I didn’t have any guarantee that I would receive a decent essay. But seeing the fair prices, I said to myself that if I can write a decent paper, so can the service. In fact, I thought that it would be even better.

After two weeks of waiting, I received my paper. It was nicely done, didn’t require too much rework (you do need to edit the paper to look as if was written by you), so I was ready to present it. I did a quick read to be assured that the essay was correct and it was above decent, in other words, enough for a decent grade.

At the examination day, I was next to present my essay to a group of professors. Still, after two minutes of reading the piece, the examiners started to scribble on my work. There were lots of spelling mistakes that I didn’t pay attention to and, apparently, I was accused of plagiarism.

The good news is that they knew that the essay presented wasn’t my work, so they let the whole plagiarism thing slide. The bad news is that I failed that exam and as a result, I had to pay for a re-examination which cost me a lot. I was disappointed and furious at the same time. I was furious with myself because I didn’t read any reviews or asked a colleague about this kind of writing service.


The Moral of the Story

Don’t rush to use a writing service if you don’t know anything about that service. You can search for a site called Top Writing Reviews. Here, you can judge by the customer’s feedback if the writing service you want to collaborate with is worth your time and money.

Reviews and ratings can guide you towards a writing service that offers quality even at an affordable price. Stay away from sites that no one knows about or that don’t have any public feedback.

After reading a couple of reviews, I found one site with which I collaborated for a good couple of months. Every essay was top-notch; they offered every type of writing service I needed on almost any kind of topic.

With this kind of company, you will get your money’s worth, and some of these services can re-write your essay if you are not happy with the results. Depending on the circumstances, they can do it free of charge.



So, before you start throwing your money on a random writing service that you have no idea how it works, do a quick check on that company. Use a search engine and type “best custom writing service reviews” and do a little bit of research before discussing your essay with a writing service.

Historical Ethical Dilemma


Every stakeholder has a distinct need and contribution towards the advancement of the economy. In case of business scandals, firms are unable to meet the demands of their stakeholders. The shareholders were largely affected due to the fall of the share prices, which effectively reduced their worthiness. Business ethics commit organizations to adhere to the established code of conduct that meet the demands of the business environment. In this paper, we will examine the ethical dilemma that contributed to the downfall of Nortel Company. The information gathered with help will inform other firms on the approaches to avoid such occurrences that hurt not only the shareholders but also the economy. We will use secondary sources of information such as books, company information, and news articles to help in gathering information. The findings indicate that the managers have an important obligation to ensure that best practices and standards are followed. Devoid of compliance, scandals and unethical practices emerge and affect the performance and financial standing of an organization (Fernando, 2010).

 Historical Ethical Dilemma


 Aligning the managerial and shareholders’ interests is crucial to enhance business sustainability and realization of long-term goals. According to the agency theory, the agents are supposed to represent, meet, and realize the goals of the principals. In this case, the principals are the shareholders while the agents are the employees and executives. The managers should put mechanisms to ensure that the firm has control mechanisms that will produce positive results. The mechanisms should be devoid of inconsistencies and irregularities. On accounting, for instance, the managers regularly need provide valid statements that reflect the financial and business standing of an organization. Compliance to accounting standards is one way to ensure an appropriate code of conduct in the organization. Nortel was a global leader in the telecommunications industry, having experienced tremendous prosperity since its inception. However, the firm was wound up in 2009 after it failed to emerge from bankruptcy due to ethical dilemmas. The fall of Nortel is attributable to ethical ramifications of poor governance policies (Fernando, 2010).


By 2000, Nortel commanded a market capitalization of about 350 billion Canadian dollars as well enjoying a significant market share in the telecommunications industry. At its peak in 2000, the firm diversified its products owing to advancement in technology. It was a major player in broadband and wireless communications. The executives attributed to the fall of the company due to unethical practices and poor strategies. One of the poorly crafted strategies was the aggressive acquisition that saw it buy or merge with many firms in the industry. It is true that company recorded impressive gains, with the financial statements showing the firm was in good health. In fact, its share price tripled in the first half of the 2000s. The firm entered into many partnerships with competitors such as Bay Networks and LG Electronics (Fernando, 2010).

 Additionally, the firm lacked appropriate code of conduct in bookkeeping that led to irregularities and non-compliance to accounting standards. Irregularities meant that the executives were manipulating the financial results hence portraying an incorrect position to the investors. Besides, the managers’ practices in overvaluation of shares indicated they were short of ethical sensitivity. For example, financial experts agree that the peak season in 2000s was of overvaluation of the shares. In 2001, for instance, the award of 70 million dollars to the top executives accounting restatements in 2004 is a reflection that there were fraud and unethical practices in the firm (Fernando, 2010).

 Another major problem was executive compensation. Inflated compensation plans of the senior officials were a form of dishonesty in earning. The governance of the company comprised of an ethical dilemma whereby the board appeared dysfunctional and remained silent at correcting the financial standing of the company. The lack of code of conduct in human resources saw the board hire and fire individuals without proper procedures. Specifically, the board overlooked their economic responsibilities in the company since such practices cost the firm money in compensation and lawsuits (Kurtz & Boone, 2009).

 Managers should engage in business activities that are beneficial to the organization. Such activities include merger and acquisitions. Adequately spell out policies on organizational structure, corporate finance, and strategic management are good indicators of ethical sensitivity. Many businesses have sought to enhance their competitiveness and sustainability. The managers play a significant role in enhancing the success of corporate restructuring. As such, the managers need to make the process open and fair devoid self-interests. Accounting standards help in maintaining the codes of conduct and ethics. Although firms require a regular independent audit, it is the responsibility of the internal team and executives to ensure that the best practices are followed (Fernando, 2010).

 The meltdown of Nortel can be explained as a failure of “people” than of “capital market processes”. The people, particularly the managers, contributed to the downfall of the firm. The managers overlooked the ethical ramifications of their actions. Specifically, they failed to observe the code of conduct and policies that would enhance the realization of positive outcomes. Ethical dilemmas led to irregularities in the financial statements and created secrets that the managers never wanted to disclose. Besides, the lack of economic responsibilities resulted into decisions with negative implications on the financial standing of the firm (Kurtz & Boone, 2009).

 The management applied coercive power in the determination of compensation packages. Salaries were awarded without proper vetting and consequently, it cost the firm millions of dollars. The financial decisions were questionable as they benefited the executives at the cost of the company. Intensive acquisitions illustrated a void of economic responsibilities among the management. For example, the firm acquired 17 companies in a span of 30 months. Acquisitions changes the competitive landscape and impacts the lives of the employees of the firm. When it involves publicly traded companies, shareholder rights must be protected. The managers failed to protect the shareholders’ rights appropriately. The size of the board was large hence making it difficult to coordinate decisions(Fogarty, Magnan, & Markarian, n.d.).

 Over the last decade, other firms such as Lehman Brothers, Citigroup, and WorldCom have been involved in ethical dilemmas similar to Nortel. The trend appears that businesspeople continue making mistakes but never learn from previous experiences. It seems that some businesspeople do not want to install appropriate code of conduct in business. Specifically, they avoid the right procedures in the name earning quick money. The lack of economic responsibilities leads to falsification by manipulating the stock prices. Overvaluation, the businesspeople think, would help in increasing their market share and shareholder wealth in a short period. Businesspeople support business dilemmas by failure to engage the services of competent board or consultants. Their thinking is that they might lose important information about their business directions (Amann, 2013).

 Others choose not to stick to the legal and regulatory aspects through which they were established. Governance requires firms to adhere to standard guidelines that are sometimes bureaucratic. It is also evident that acquisitions do not necessarily lead to success. Financial and economic implications emerge since the firms involved have to consider the amount of money to offer. Some companies have debts and non-strategic assets that must be considered. As such, businesspeople enter into deals hoping to wipe out the competition. Still, some businesspeople indicate lack of ethical sensitivity through tax evasion and manipulation of financial statements.. Some of the ethical dilemmas in organizations include the collusion among the independent auditors and the clients to misrepresent the financial statements. In most cases, the companies give statements that will be advantageous to them. Tax evasion and distortion of financial figures, for instance, are some of the vices related to collusion (Amann, 2013).

 Prioritizing remedies such as business education, regulation of accounting/financial markets, regulation of incentives, and regulation of punishment can help in reducing the recurrence of the aforementioned debacles. The appropriate codes of conduct in accounting include maintenance of an elaborate system of accounts that has effective internal control methods. The management is required to be economically responsible by safeguarding the assets of the company. According to the provided procedures, the team has a direct responsibility in ensuring that all transactions are reflected in the financial statements since they have direct control of the operations with the firm. Business education helps create awareness among the businesspeople and public on the best practices (Collins, 2012).

 Incentives and compensation should be guided by factors such as performance, market rates, and experience as opposed to coercive power. Firms should engage appropriate human resource practices when creating policies on compensation (Fogarty, Magnan, & Markarian, n.d.). Punishments within a firm should be done in an ethical manner to reduce incidences of lawsuits. The strategic process is necessary to help in addressing the needs of the stakeholders. Forecasting in areas such as sales and service delivery is necessary during the acquisition process. As a result, this will detail how to help a company figure out what, how and why to get things done the right way to manage future ethical ramifications (Kurtz & Boone, 2009).

 The levels of national debt had been on the rise in both the United States and other countries. There is need for a mechanism to deal with this debt, bail out and better regulation will help in recovery. The government bails out companies that cannot raise money to pay for their debts. The bailout package are detested by the majority of the citizens who see it as an assistance for the perpetrator while the common citizens are left to clear their loans. Further, the national economy loses when the investors lose confidence in firms. Every firm has great contribution to the economy through paying taxes and employment. Nortel, for instance, used job-cuts as a restructuring strategy that did not work. Such employees become a burden to the nation (Kurtz & Boone, 2009).

 In addition to using coercive power , the executives applied poorly-crafted policies that did not help in reviving Nortel. It was unethical for them to take money when the firm was performing poorly. In most cases, executives and employees are not awarded bonuses or incentives when the firm is underperforming (Amann, 2013).


Failure to comply with codes of conduct is hazardous to a company. It is the responsibility of the executives to ensure proper internal and external measures are in place. When there are weaknesses in the systems, the members of staff exploit such channels for own gains. With effective internal control, it is possible to avoid fraud that emanate from unrecorded transactions or forgeries. Moreover, strategic direction of an organization should be in tandem with the short and long-term goals. Executives have economic responsibilities to create policies that will not jeopardize the financial and business standing of a company (Amann, 2013).